What is a Jira Admin?

So, what all is a lone Jira Admin expected to do? A lot actually! Tell me some of the things you didn’t expect to have to do as a Jira Admin!

Jira Admin Gift Guide 2020

Wondering what you can get the #Jira Admin in your life? This week I have 9 gifts I think they’d be happy to get!

Rules of Thumb

So what principles guide you in your #Jira Administration? Today we look at nine “Rules of Thumb” that will guide you to better decisions around your Jira instance!
#RulesofThumb #Atlassian

Jira Blunders!

This week we review three #Jira Blunders to see what lessons can be learned. Have you ever messed up on the job? If so, what lessons have you learned #Atlassian #LessonsLearned

The Jira Dream Team.

So, you’re setting up a new #Atlassian Team, but who do you hire? This week we discuss the roles I see as critical to your success! #Jira

Yes, Jira can be fun!

#Jira doesn’t have to be all-work-no-play. This week we look at some of the more fun ways to use Jira. What are some of the fun ways you’ve used the tool? #Atlassian #lifeworkbalance