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The JIRA Guy is a weekly blog meant to help new JIRA Admins understand what all this platform can do when in the right hands – and to help make you those right hands. We are here to tell you all the tips and tricks you can normally only learn by doing it. JIRA is not an easy system to learn how to manage, but you are not alone!

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About the Author

Rodney is an experienced Atlassian Administrator and Consultant, but he started out right where you might be. He interviewed to be a Linux Administrator, and day one was given a JIRA Instance saying “Congrats, this is yours too!” He now has experience working with both Software Development and ITSM teams, as well as a creating a variety of non-standard business workflows and processes within JIRA.

When he’s not helping companies solve their problems and letting them be more efficient, he is working on his home server lab, finding how far he can push various applications and platforms, watching Youtube or playing Factorio. (“I’m not addicted, you’re addicted!”)

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