Atlassian Unleash

Well, here we are. We are about a day away from Atlassian’s latest event offering: Unleash. Haven’t heard of it? Honestly, I’d be surprised; Atlassian has been pushing this hard for months. Whereas Team ’23 is meant for anyone using Atlassian products, Unleash is specifically meant to appeal to Agile and DevOps practitioners.  

And I like this approach. Don’t get me wrong, I love my previous Summit trips and am eagerly looking forward to my first time at Team in person; I can’t help but feel that the Atlassian product portfolio might have outgrown just one event. Information on an entire product line was only available to a select few last year. So I love this more focused approach. And while I can’t join you in person (I’d love to visit Berlin!), I will be watching live with everyone else worldwide.

So, what can we expect? What sessions would I be at if I were there? Let’s dig into that.

New Product Announcements

So – no spoilers. Atlassian told me that while I can know some of what they are planning to announce, there is an embargo on it until the event. So they really don’t want to spoil the surprise. But they will definitely announce some new products. I imagine they will spotlight recent announcements like Automation 4 Confluence. Unfortunately, I can’t say much more about this, so let’s move on to the sessions.


Unfortunately, the sessions aren’t available for those attending Digitally, but I’m hoping that Atlassian will repost them on Youtube. But some of them still look interesting, so I’ll highlight a few more interesting ones I would attend if I were in person.  

How to automate key result reporting using Jira and Quantive Results

Alexander Post (venITure)

So, doing and tracking your work in Jira is the easy part. But what can you do to turn that data into usable reporting? Honestly, this has been a challenge with Jira. Jira’s internal dashboards are alright, but they can only provide you with so much data because of how they work.  

Thankfully, Alexander will show us using Quantive Results to give us real-time OKR results. The feature I like about this is that you can sync multiple instances together – so even if your instances are federated, you can still have reporting in one central place. I can’t tell you how complex reporting on federated instances can be.  

So yeah, definitely one you should check out, especially if you are managing larger teams and looking for actionable reporting across your organization.

Reducing “tech debt” and increasing performance: A case study in automation

Daniel Tombs (Inmarsat) and Alex Viale (Appfire)

So, I’ve said it a million times – if you have a tedious task, figure out how to automate it. This session will present ways you can take that to the extreme. Daniel and Alex will talk about how you can use some tools you might already have to reduce workloads and get rid of tech debt. 

This effort is something I’ve been looking at lately. What are the popular tickets for our Team, and how can we make them easier to fulfill? This session should be right up my ballpark!

A cultivated DevOps platform technical walkthrough

Mike Maheu (Adaptavist)

Let me share something with you. Sometimes a properly executed and automated DevOps stack feels like magic to me. I mean, when correctly set up, this stuff just works. Unfortunately, I don’t get time to work on it often, but I want to understand how to improve my systems and tools because I can see the goal, but my system seems to have some…hiccups. 

So, of course, I’d love to see a setup and take notes on what I can improve. This is the top session I hope they put online so I can watch it at my own pace.

So, what do you think?

Unfortunately, this is going to be a short article this week. But what do you think? Have you already watched Unleash, and if so, what are you excited about? What Sessions do you hope they put online? I’d love for you to tell me about it in the comments!

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But until next time, My name is Rodney, asking, “Have you updated your Jira issues today?”

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