Team ’21 Day One Recap

Well, the first Keynote is done, and wow it was packed. I unfortunately could not catch everything. For one, I couldn’t pause the player and pick up where I left off, which meant I either caught it or I didn’t. I tried to go back and get a few more I missed, but even then…ugh.

But there was also a massive amount revealed – much more than the past Virtual events. I’m sure I’ll go through and get more details as the weeks come, and if anything is really interesting, I’ll dedicate a post to it, but, without delay, The Day 1 Recap:

And we are “Live”…well, preshow, but Live!

DJ is a nice throwback to the live events though!

Team 2022 In-Person confirmed?

Dom Looking nice. I really want to be able to get that Bow-tie as swag at some point!

And here we go. Mike Cannon-Brookes is introducing Point A, and some interesting features and services they are providing to support an otherwise changed world post-pandemic.

Header images on Confluence pages are big. I love any way I can customize a page!

Better annotation and editing tools for editing. Nice, nice.

Atlassian Adding some remote plays to help distributed teams collaborate effectively. Definitely something I’ll be checking out.

Atlassian cloud now services 10 Billion (10,000,000,000) network requests daily. That ain’t small.

Cloud Enterprise edition is expanding every forward. Now on Jira Software, JSM, and Confluence, this tier supports unlimited instances, better uptime, and 24/7 Support.

Atlassian Cloud claims a 60% improvement in performance. Because yes, they’ve heard that you’ve thought it is slow.

Data Residency is expanding to include more applications.

It’s also expanding to include more locations!

Yes, they’ve heard us say Compliance is a problem for Atlassian Cloud. They are working on it.

You can now search across all Instances you have access to in Atlassian Cloud. So much simpler, as I’ll have 2-5 Jira Cloud Apps at any given time, for work and for personal use.

Smart links give you embedded objects for things like Twitter, Youtube, and more. Interesting.

Point A. This is Atlassian’s new initiative to bring more people into the process. I went through an early version of it with JWM, and I absolutely love that I had a chance to have an impact on Jira’s development. 10/10 would do again.

Atlassian acquired Halp earlier, and it seems like the integration of it is going through Point A. Interesting.

Jira Work Management. I’ve written plenty on it here lately, so I won’t bore you with another piece about it.

Jira Discovery looks interesting. I’ve had a bit of a preview of it (because of course I have), and it looks like a more relaxed Jira. I definitely want to try it.

Not too much known about this yet, it’s supposed to be revealed tomorrow. But…you have my attention.

And the final Point A project is Team Central.

It is supposed to act as a central point of truth to get everyone on your team onto the same page quickly. Color me skeptical, but I’ll reserve judgement until I can actually try it.

Priorities Enterprises are facing and need help with are…

20K users in EAP, 35K as early as next year

Kubernetes!!! Official Helm Charts and Docker images! Time to experiment!

A 50% cut in reindexing time can be huge for large instances. But….I have a feeling I’ll want to independently verify it.

It seems like they are going for all the compliance certifications. As well they should.

True sandboxes are something we’ve needed for the Cloud tools for a while. I tell people not to run Jira Server or DC without a test instance, and we should be able to have the equivalent in Cloud.

Release tracks are also something to help with Cloud annoying habit of updating whenever. I approve!

Rolling Upgrades/Zero Down time Upgrades are coming to more DC products. Excellent…

User management when you have both Jira Cloud and DC is not an easy feat.

So Atlassian is expanding what DC Can do for Authentication…some of these sound like they come from a recent article about what DC could not do…

Migrating can be hard, and sometimes you end up running both Cloud and DC.

So Atlassian is partnering with more and more Apps to automate the migration process

So, Managing users in both Cloud and DC is hard, annoying, and unnecessarily complicated. So, let’s fix that. You can now use Atlassian Access as an Identity provider for Crowd.

Also, integrating local and Cloud products has always been a hassle. You have to whitelist IP’s, which means you have to figure out which IP’s to whitelist, etc, etc. So Atlassian is making it easier, but publishing better docs on their IP ranges. Yay Easier!

A personalized feed with just the people and groups you are interested in on Confluence!? Shut up and take my money!

You can now send a “gentle reminder” to someone as a nudge if they don’t respond to your @mention. This includes a read receipt on those mentions, so yay?

This is a big game-changer here. My users have always had a need to share info on Confluence with external collaborators. Looks like Atlassian is giving us a way to do so. However, devil is in the details, so until I see those details, I’m not sure I’m going to 100% trust this.

Trello got a massive overhaul with different views – including the normal column view, but also timeline, calendar, and more. Interesting!

And that was really it. The rest of the keynote was taken up by an interview. However, it looks like we will have an interesting day tomorrow, so I’ll be back to recap that too!

That was crazy. I’m hoping I can go back on-demand at some point and review that one piece at a time. I’ll be back tomorrow with a view of a new offering from Adaptavist, and with the recap of the Day 2 Keynote. But until then, my name is Rodney, asking “Have you updated your Jira Issues today?”


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