Team ’23, Day Zero and One Recap

Today we are looking at the experience for the first one and a half days at Team ’23. What do you think will get announced on day two?

The Data Center Followup

Six months ago, I first wrote about my concerns Atlassian’s plans around Data Center. Today we look at everything Atlassian has shared with us since, and decide if anything has changed our minds. What do you think the future holds?

Jira Screens: How many fields is too many?

It’s no secret that how you design your screens has a massive impact on your users experience within #Jira. Today we go over some best practices on screen design, as well as some tricks to help your feel easy-to-use. What’s your favorite screen trick?

Backing Up Jira

Do you know how to #backup #Jira? If you do, have you tested it lately? Today we’ll talk about how to backup your system and make sure it can withstand almost anything. #Atlassian

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