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Almost two years ago, I had a Marketplace partner ask me an interesting question. They asked, “Why run an Atlassian Blog?” It’s not an entirely unfair question – at the time, the only people running blogs were Atlassian Partners. Most people writing about Atlassian were either authoring books or working within the Atlassian Community Page. So, running my own site for this was…well, people didn’t do it. But, that’s now how I wanted to do things, so I decided to strike out on my own path and explore where it would lead.

Fast forward to today, and we are having an explosion of Atlassian content, particularly on Youtube. This situation is amazing to me – Most of the video content I watch comes from Youtube, so you know I’ve been all over this scene. You might think, “Rodney, aren’t these people your competitors?” And yes, I suppose it could be thought of that way. But the way I see it, there’s more than enough room for everyone at the table, especially if we all grow together! So I’m more than happy to support them and watch as they grow audiences!

Given that philosophy, I wanted to take a chance to introduce you to some of the new creators out there and what their Channels are about. Of course, I’ll only be covering the relatively new creators I’m aware of, so if I miss someone, please let me know! Meanwhile, let’s dig into this!


Jimmy Seddon was already a minor celebrity within the Atlassian Community. He is a fellow Community Leader and is crazy active on the Community page, but he also live streams supporting the Extra Life charity. However, he has recently decided to parlay his Live Streaming experience and start putting out content for Jira under the banner “Jimmy Talks Jira.” Honestly, his channel is probably the closest analog to this Blog, covering whatever topics piques his interest. So maybe that’s why I enjoy his content so much. Take a look for yourself with his latest video from Yesterday:

Apetech Tech Tutorials

Alex over at Apetech is one of the largest channels on this list (second only to Jexo). And you can tell he has been fighting for it. If you follow either of us on Twitter, you’ve probably seen us exchanging tips and tricks back and forth! While he also talks on Jira, his approach has been to guide beginner users through learning to manage a Jira Instance and all the intricacies that entail. I can’t say I always agree with his takes, but his thought process is usually sound enough.  

Another thing to consider is Alex will speak on Agile processes. Honestly, I try and stay away from that beehive. While I fully support the Agile process, Agile purists can be a bit cantankerous. And I don’t care for that kind of negativity in my life. However, he has the expertise to speak on the subject, so more power to him. Be sure to check out one of his episodes below!

Brittany Joiner

What can you say about Brittany? She is undoubtedly the Queen of Trello Configurations and has recently started sharing her Trello knowledge on Youtube. I love the energy she also puts into her videos – it makes it so much fun to watch. Add to that the fact she is covering a topic most of us don’t tread into too often, and she is on my “must watch” list. I suggest you keep an eye on her channel, too – you never know who might show up!

ACE QuizWiz for Atlassian Community

This channel is one of the latest to come to my attention. It’s two people hosting Community Leaders, Community members, and Atlassian personnel who team up and work together on a combination of General Trivia and Specific Questions on the Atlassian ecosystem. So far, they only have one video out, so it’s not too late to catch up on the competition. I’m interested in seeing where this goes, so I suggest you tune in too! It’s a great way to learn the little facts.

Jexo Monday Coffee

Yeah – what is to say about Jexo. They have quickly become a giant in the Atlassian Content Creator space. Long-time blog fans might remember that I’ve even appeared on their signature Monday Coffee show a few months back! I love Jexo because they have been parlaying their following into good works – such as the PM72 event that I’ll be in later this year.

By the way, don’t forget that PM72 is a charity event, so if you can, check out here to donate! All funds go to the Malala Fund, a fantastic charity promoting education for women worldwide!

Do you have any Atlassian Youtubers you follow?

If you do, let me know about them! I might do a follow-up on this if I get enough!

You may have noticed this article is a bit shorter than usual. This is because I’m super busy at the moment. I’ll need to take a week or two from writing later this month for health reasons, so I’m trying to write up enough in advance to cover that time period. Don’t worry; it’s nothing major (this time), just some preventative care.

Don’t forget to follow me on Social Media for the latest news on the Atlassian ecosystem and the Blog! You can find all the links on my Linktree! As always, be sure to link and comment, as it helps people discover the Blog! You can also subscribe to the Blog to receive new posts to your email as soon as they are published!  

But until next time, my name is Rodney, asking, “Have you updated your Jira issues today?”



  1. Hi Rodney, I was wondering if you would be able to make a follow-up post similar to this one where you go through useful official Atlassian Youtube resources as well. That being said, Iā€™m definitely going to check out all the above content creators. Cheers.

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