Four Apps to add a Personal touch to Jira

Well, Jira Guys and Gals. Today has been fun. I was hoping to have to you a part two of the Kubernetes, but…there was a problem.

For some reason, the container is not deploying to the workers. Honestly, I’m not entirely sure why, as the workers should have enough memory, CPU, etc. So I’m putting that on the back-burner for another week.

So instead this week, I have four Plugins that I wanted to share. I’ve been seeing a trend lately where there have been some gadgets and apps that – strictly speaking – aren’t meant to make your work in Jira more efficient, they are fun little side bits that make your Jira instance feel more personal. I’ve tweeted out one or two in the past, but I figured today I’d gather a few of them up and share them with you.


Deployment supported: Cloud

Cost: Varies, but no more that $0.50/person

The idea behind Teamployees is simple. It lets you know when a teammate’s birthday or work anniversary is coming up. It also allows Team members to add more about themselves, like their skills, hobbies, etc.

This plugin came across my LinkedIn feed just this morning, and it’s what gave me the idea for this post. It just seems like something so intuitive to have in Jira – but it’s simple addition that makes it feel so much more personal. The biggest draw I like about it is that if you don’t want to, you as the user gets to choose what is and isn’t added to your profile.

I will add that this was just released yesterday, so there might still be a few bugs, but it’s still a great start.

My Weather Gadget for Jira

Deployment supported: Server

Cost: Free

Our next Add-on is the My Weather Gadget. This just adds the ability to add the current weather to a Jira Dashboard. Again, and simple concept that goes a long way to make your Jira instance feel a bit more personal.

What I love about this is you can have your temperature both in Celsius and Fahrenheit, so you should be set no matter your flavor. I’ve added it to my test instances System Dashboard, so it’s there when someone first sees the instance

My Quotes Gadget for Jira

Deployment supported: Server

Cost: Free

This Gadget is from the same developer, and is of the same mindset. It just provides inspirational quotes to make your Jira instance feel a bit more…at home. I for one have always had an odd fascination with motivational posters, so this is the kind of thing I like to see.

Actual semi-motivational poster that hangs behind my desk

So having this kind of thing in my personal Jira just makes sense for me.

My Field Manager For Jira

Deployment supported: Server

Cost: Free

The last one I’ll speak on from FlowZess is the My Field Manager. Now – this one I can’t actually load due to version limitations, so I’m going to depend on their marketplace screenshots. But the premise here is something I’ve long wanted in Jira: Just tell me how many issues are using a particular field.

List of custom fields
Seriously, it’s not that hard….

One of the hardest things about trying to clean up a Jira instance is telling which Custom fields are actively being used, and which are just taking up resources. This tool would be a god-send for stats like that. Simple concept, but a profound impact.

Short post, I know!

Unfortunately, I was working on the Kubernetes post until it was clear that I wouldn’t get it fixed in time, so it didn’t leave me a lot of time to get this out! However, be sure to follow me on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram to get updates when I get the Kubernetes piece out. You can also subscribe to the blog to get new blog posts delivered directly to your inbox. It is the absolute fastest way to get notified about new posts! But until next time, my name is Rodney, asking, “Have you updated your Jira issues today?”


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