Atlassian Team Tour 2020

Well, it’s been a week, but I’m glad to be back. However, we have a fair bit of news to share. To start with, I have avenged my previous ACP-200 failure and am now certified in Confluence Administration!


If that wasn’t exciting enough, it has granted me the Atlassian Certified Master status as well!


Edit from the future: And somehow, that’s not all. As I was halfway through writing this piece, I got another exciting email stating that I’ve been accepted as an Atlassian Community Leader! This grants me access to a new wealth of information about what’s happening at Atlassian, and you better believe I fully intend to take you along for the ride.

Atlassian Community Leader

So, it’s been a busy week, but an enormously satisfying one. However, that’s not all the news we have to get through. Today (Monday, 9/Nov/20), Atlassian is holding the Keynote for their Team Tour 2020 event, and rumors are they’ve been working on something. So let’s check it out!

And we begin!

That’s us! Coyote Creek was proud to be one of the session sponsors for the Keynote!

Did he say a new product? I saw “new product.” No details yet, but New Product warning.

Atlassian’s reminder that this is one of their core values. I know some people would argue this point right now – I won’t be one of them. I’ve spoken my piece about my thoughts on their decision, and I still feel that they think of the customers.

Cannot stress this enough. Everyone’s situation right now is Unique, and you cannot have a one-size-fits-all policy and expect employees to still feel valued.

So, this section seemed to be a bit of justification of Atlassian’s Cloud platform and their recent moves regarding Server. So, nothing much new was revealed here.

However, looks like we have a few details about Enterprise Tier.

And Integrations with Atlassian Cloud products.

Cloud Marketplace is growing, but there are still plenty of Apps that haven’t or couldn’t make the jump until…

Forge is finally out of Beta! This should allow deeper integrations for Apps, which means some of those Apps that couldn’t come out with a Cloud version might now be able to. This also means if you have any Apps you’ve written yourself for your Jira instance, they now have a chance to be supported…with some additional work.

I still hate how they brought in Data Center as an afterthought. Like, “Oh yeah, if you still don’t like Cloud, we have this. But have you heard of Cloud?”

A few notes here about their Cloud Migration tools. I haven’t had a chance to use them yet, but I appreciate that they’ve made the process easier.

So…new product time?

OH…I see – “New” Product. Jira Service Desk is becoming Jira Service Management!

A few notes here.

  1. It’s really Service Desk ++, as it’s automagically bundled with Atlassian’s recent acquisitions.
  2. Atlassian’s shopping spree makes a bit more sense now.
  3. Available to all tiers, including Free. Hmmmmmm…
  4. I love “And it’s available immediately” Launch announcements.

Project Templates! YES! I’ve been wanting something like this forever! Look, I’m no HR Expert, or Legal Expert, etc. However, having a template that gets me 90% to a user’s needs would save both the customer and me so much time in back-and-forth emails and design time.

The only thing I’d add here is that maybe consider the ability to export custom templates, and have a Template Marketplace to share and rate custom template designs? That way, the best designs can bubble up to the top.

You are not locked into the template. Nice. This means I can customize it to get it to the extra 10% the user needs.

Alright, this and the next few slides were revealed at Summit this year. However, it’s a “We do this now” rather than a “We will do this.” So worth covering again.

Integrating Bitbucket Pipelines into Jira Service Management can allow you to map deployments to determine which one may be causing a service interruption.

You can then dig into the Bitbucket commits associated with that Deployment.

After that incident, you can take information recorded in the ticket and export it to Confluence for an RCA/After Action Report.

Another automation that lets you bypass approval for minor changes…

and require approval for bigger ones. I’d still love some details about how it decides what’s minor and what’s not, and if we can customize or tune that at all.

Atlassian is really trying to expand Jira to be a universal company-wide platform. Which it totally can be; I’ve seen it done!

For more details, you can view

And that’s it for this week!

So, that Keynote was shorter than Summits, lasting only around 45 minutes or so in total. However, it’s definitely some exciting news. I plan to do a full breakdown of Jira Service Management soon, so look forward to that. However, that won’t be next week. Next week – I’ve got something special planned. You see…

After my post, Atlassian’s CRO, Cameron Deatsch (yes, the one from the keynote) reached out to me, thanking me for my “So Long, Server” post and offering to help me with license cost. I, of course, accepted as we covered last week, but I also asked if Atlassian could make anyone available for an interview to get their side of the story. To which, they said yes.

Next week, I’ll have Harsh Jawharkar from Atlassian’s Enterprise and Marketing Platform team on the blog to answer some questions I’ve gathered from you, the readers. I’m incredibly excited about this and look forward to sharing it with you.  

In speaking of sharing, I have another bit of news from my day-job, Coyote Creek. They also liked that post, so they’ve syndicated it to their blog – with my full permission. They are also planning to syndicate both the “So where to move to?” post and the interview next week! I’m always happy to see my work shared!

Coyote Creek also plans to hold their own webinar about the recent Server EOL, hosted by Dave Theodore and Mike Faster – two men I very much respect. In fact, I consulted with Dave about the tone for the “So Long, Server” post before I wrote it. So definitely tune in to get some more information and a chance to ask some experts.

But that’s all I have for this week. It’s definitely an exciting time, and I’m so glad everyone is along for the ride. But until next time, my name is Rodney, asking, “Have you updated your Jira issues today?”


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