Atlassian Remote Summit Day 2

Well, well, well. Here we find ourselves again. Today we’ll see the second keynote and find out what else Atlassian has planned for the day. But first, do address a comment from yesterday’s post:

Maxim is correct, they certainly were cloud heavy yesterday. This is likely because most features start out in cloud and eventually make their way into Server and Data Center. That being said, you know we love your self-hosted systems here, so I’m hoping to hear what they have planned for those today. (Future Rodney here: it’s still mostly Cloud. Sorry! But we do get some Data Center and Server info today!)

Otherwise you all loved yesterday’s recap, so lets get on with an encore!

And we begin again!

Mike Cannon-Brookes does the introduction this time. He features a chrome extension that lets people watch Netflix together as a way to show how the world is already adapting to the current situation.

And he also mentioned Summit next year. I can tell you I’m already planning to go, so hopefully I’ll see you there!

Scaling the future of Cloud[…again.]

So they don’t announce it now, but it looks like there is a new cloud tier on the horizon…”Enterprise.” Hope it’s not the spaceship

Again, Finally. If I had users complain about anything with JIRA, it was about the amount of email it sends them. Atlassian claims their new method of sending digests instead of distinct emails reduces the mail spam by 30%! If true, I cannot wait!

So – this should allow Apps (plugins) within Atlassian cloud to do more. I’m excited that maybe we’ll get some of the functionality us self-hosted people enjoy into the cloud!

And it looks like they added the Premium tier for JIRA Service Desk. Seems like it should have happened sooner, honestly.

So you will soon be able to whitelist which IP’s can access your site. I can think of a few customers this would be handy for.

It looks like they also plan to bring Archiving in JIRA Software Premium some point soon. I thought new features were supposed to come to Cloud first, not Data Center 😛

Based on Automation for JIRA…I see what you did there. But seriously, I love me some Automation for JIRA, and glad to see it being incorporated.

JIRA Align is getting the ability to manage OKR’s. Being honest, no clue what they are. Sounds like a research topic to review later. But if you know – I can imagine you’re excited.

And Trello is being integrated into JIRA Align. Because you need ALL THE DATA!

So, they are adding an ability to bridge unlimited 10K instances of Atlassian Cloud Applications to support companies’ growth…

As a part of a new access Tier. Called it!

Sounds like you get some pretty big benefits from Cloud Enterprise though…

Like one place to manage all the chaos of multiple instances

Single place for user directory management, check.

Unified Billing, Check

And those sweet sweet statistics, check.

Looks like they are bringing Data Residency to their Enterprise Tier too – which could be big for government requirements.

This one is big. Rather than just getting new features whenever they are pushed, you can now delay a release for up to two weeks, and bundle them up. The ability to give our users warning will be very VERY nice.

Now I will say this. A sandbox is something Salesforce has always done better (That’s right, I’m also a salesforce admin. Bet you didn’t see that!). So it’s nice to see Atlassian start to do something for us here.

Wooo! Partners! But seriously, I’ve worked with the Atlassian TAMS and Premier support, and they know their stuff. Between them and, well, partners like me, you are in good hands.

Looks like they are making it easier to go to the cloud. That should help a lot of folks out there!

Building for change and scale (aka Data Center)

So Finally, Data Center…what have they got going on…

So – stuff they’ve done recently….I mean I’m happy for all of these features, but still….

And finally, the new things! So it looks like they are tweaking things here to improve performance in JIRA And Confluence Data Center – but the biggest one is that you can have more than four nodes in the applications. Finally!

Fun fact. A company I worked for asked for this three years ago. Glad to see it finally come!

Adding OpenID Connect as an identity provider!

Soon you will have the ability to have multiple identity providers.

And also just in time User Provisioning is coming to Data Center soon.

My Workspace One peeps back at VMware should love this.

Auditing in Atlassian apps have always been…..lacking. Glad they agree.

You can now audit user actions, not just admin actions. And it looks like this is across multiple areas of the application.

You can export these as a file log to send to ELK, Splunk, etc.

You can also delegate users to access the audit log – very much a “not my problem” move.

YES. SO MUCH YES! I’ve been wanting them to update Confluence Permissions FOREVER!

You can audit permissions for users or spaces to see who can see and do what.

This one is for server and data center. Looks like they intend to make it easier to access for those with certain impairments. I am definitely excited to see them make this move.

So moving on to new features for Agile teams…

Looks like you will soon be able to create multiple sprints quickly – while specifying dates. As a person who has had to bulk create sprints before, this is big.

Another data point for JIRA Align. Seems they are working on all the connectors!

The first thing I do in any company is figure out and document their language. Will be nice to do this in-app. And Release management love is long overdue…

Portfolio for JIRA is getting some updates to capacity planning too…

…and a Confluence Macro. This will make it soooo much easier to share a roadmap.

They already mentioned this, but it looks like they are sharing more details on the JIRA Align <> Trello connector.

And a connector for BI systems too.

I hate buzzwords, and AI is one of the worse offenders. But I promise not to judge it until I can actually see what it does…

So onto my I.T. Brethren…

I think we saw some of this in yesterday’s Cloud presentation, but it’s nice to see it come to Server and Data Center too!

You can search for incidents in OpsGenie directly in Service Desk….Nice!

As well as see a list of all present and past incidents.

Agent Queues are getting some love.

Including improved sorting, the ability to favorite queues, and bulk edits in queue. That will definitely come in handy.

This seems obvious in hindsight…if you support people who speak multiple languages, maybe come to them in their own language.

And finally, some news for developers

Looks like they are making some information about build available in Bitbucket. The real surprise here is that it’s from both Bamboo and Jenkins!

You will also be able to set build configurations per branch – which will be great for experimenting!

Looks like they are adding some more context highlighting in the diff page

As well as letting you add a comment anywhere in the diff, not only on what’s different.

And last but not least, you can search for specific files from within the pull request. Should make it so much simpler to get to what you need.

And done!

That was the end of the keynote. I’m not remembering why I only do one post a week. But it’s been great seeing what’s new. Things maybe crazy now, but it’s always important to remember there is a tomorrow, and to plan for it.

Which reminds me, you should totally check out our Discord chat. I’d be happy to hear what new features you are excited for!

If you’ve enjoyed the Keynote Recaps from the past few days, check out some of my other posts! I try to post on a wide range of topics affecting JIRA Administration, and am always up for a reader suggested topic! Also, subscribe to get new posts directly in your inbox! Sign-up form will be at the bottom of the post!

Until next time, my name is Rodney, asking “Have you updated your JIRA Issues?” I’ll check you next time!


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