Atlassian Remote Summit Scheduling

Hey guys! Just a quick heads up – Tomorrow’s normal post will be delayed. This is so I can watch the Remote Summit’s keynote and be able to give you the news about what’s new in the world of JIRA, Confluence, and all the Atlassian tools.

Unfortunately the keynote starts 30 minutes before I normally release posts – there is no way I can write that and get it up here with any kind of quality. So I’ll be delaying it to later in the day to get it up here for you.

Additionally, I’ll also be doing a bonus post Thursday with information from that day’s keynote! So you’ll have to wait a bit, but you’ll be getting twice as much content this week!

Thank you all for your patience here. Don’t forget you can check out the Remote Summit yourself by signing up here:

Until then, this is Rodney, asking “Have you updated your JIRA Issues today?”

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